Non Obvious Ideas to Increase Rental Income


Here are some tactics that will help you earn an extra $100 each month without raising rents or reducing expenses. Enjoy the Book, the Matrix, and the Articles


40 Ways to Increase the Net Income of Your Rental Property is a great reference tool to help you find income opportunities that you’re overlooking. It presents ideas grouped into 12 categories and is sure to stretch your imagination. The book, which is a money-making investment in it’s own right, is available at

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Learn how to:
1 – Spot unrefined income opportunities within properties.
2 – Spark new ideas by being able to see a rental from 12 different perspectives
3 – Squeeze out more of the income potential from your existing rental


Ideas to Increase Rental Income
Active Landlord/Agent Passive Landlord
Passive Tenants / Profits Independent of Tenant
  1. Green house/plant nursery
  2. Use webcam to video high crime area and use feed to provide tips that lead to cash awards
  3. Rent out driveway/parking stall for special events/limited hour use
  4. Double booking corporate housing
  5. Erect an inexpensive garage and rent it out
  6. Convert unit(s) into a hotel room(s)
  7. Build referal list and collect referal fees from other landlords
  8. Rent out unused or created parking space.

2nd Best Ideas

  1. Antenna transmission-related biz
  2. Rent Wi-Fi
  3. Rent parking or Garage Storage to local biz/client
  4. Create an all-inclusive corporate housing/specialty unit
  5. Sell ad space/billboard / ground lease
  6. Create a mini RV park
  7. Barter apartment use for item(s) of greater value
  8. Manage Group Services
  9. Rent rooms to high functioning handicapped people on government assistance
  10. Sell newletter-wi-fi to neighbors

Preferred Ideas

Active Tenants / Profits Dependent on Tenants
  1. Aluminum recycling /CRV
  2. Waste heat capture/reuse
  3. Convert property to transitional ex-offenders
  4. Convert property to alternative housing for handicap or veterans
  5. Convert property into a youth hostel
  6. Create Groupon-like savings and collect a portion of receipts as a fee
  7. Collect commissions and rewards for facilitating co-op purchases

Good Ideas Category

  1. Internet shopping
  2. Catalog shopping/marketing
  3. Grocery delivery
  4. Specialized vending machine
  5. Rent tenants amenities (TV/furniture/washer-dryer/upgrades)
  6. Include subletting and early termination fees in your lease agreement. Take sting out of vacancies.
  7. Instead of charging a pet deposit, charge $10 to $20 per month as a fee.

Better Ideas Category



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