Al Williamson, MS, PE, LEED AP

Thank you for dropping in. My name is Al Williamson. I’m a civil engineer and the author of the Building Wealth with Inner City Rentals. Creating surprisingly beautiful affordable housing is my passion.

I’m also the proud co-founder of the 2nd Saturday Cleanup and practice my Landlord Leadership in Oak Park, an inner city suburb in the middle of Sacramento, California. You can reach me at: P.O. Box 188491, Sacramento, CA 95818, al@leadinglandlord.com


About The Leading Landlord Blog

Leading Landlord is a weekly blog that discusses innovative ways landlords can create new income streams, reduce expenses, and grow their equity. Owning real estate is proven to be one of the best strategies for generating passive income, and Leading Landlord seeks to address the best practices for doing so.

Guess you could call me a landlord scientist.

Please join the discussion each week as we assemble a community of Leading Landlords and share best practices. I appreciate your comments and love to share credit for innovative ideas – so chime in.

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My Rant

bigger_imgThe landlord profession is overdue for a revolution. The business model of covering mortgage and operating costs by charging rent is just…. not sufficient. My mission is to construct an additional model that would allow landlords to create enough auxiliary income (either independent or dependent on tenants) to cover their cost. This was the “Thomas Edison” -like invention I dedicated myself to.

BUT I accomplished the goal in 2015 and wrote 40 Ways to help others do the same.

I’m now exploring ways to be both profitable and NOI efficient. That why I recommend other rental owners consider short-term rentals and corporate housing. No one is as smart as all of us, so I’m shamelessly trying to draw you in. I hope you fall for it.


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