REI Club’s Camille Baptiste contributed to our $100 Idea Challenge. She noticed the neighbors around her rental weren’t maintaining their lawns. She said that with very little effort, she was able to persuade them to pay her for landscaping services. Then she negotiated a group rate with her landscaper that  allowed her to collect a $70 monthly management fee.

I really like the concept of providing service(s) to a group such that   they win, the service provider wins, and you collect a fee.

What a great example of value creation! Let’s expand on it and see if there are other ways landlords can use it. See my thoughts in the table below:

[table id=4 /]

I’ll add Camille’s idea to our $100 Idea Matrix, but since it’s so rich, I’ll call it “Manage Group Services”. Thanks Camille!

Please let me know what else should go in the table. Leave a comment below.