“Al, Thank you for creating this helpful blog and for sharing the best practices you have learned being a landlord in an inner-city community. I live right down the block from one of your properties and I have witnessed first hand the positive impact your efforts have had on the neighborhood. I hope many others will follow your example. Keep up the great work!”

Lori Mills, Acting Director St. HOPE Academy

“Al, Thank you for your blog. In today’s economic unsteadiness, it is so important for landlords to pay attention, be active on their rental street, and actively participate in their rental communities. So, thank you for leading the way and teaching land lording 101. I can imagine the impact of the implementation of the some of the most simple ideals which you talk about.”

Joany Titherington, Oak Park Neighborhood Association Board Member

“Al, I read your article on “How to Profit from Landlord-Driven Neighborhood Restoration.” And I believe this is a blueprint to how to turn around economically challenged neighborhoods. The property owner leading the team to revitalize neighborhoods so that everyone has a safe and decent place to live is not only the profitably thing to do It’s the right thing to do! Through the property owners concern about the community renters will feel a connection with the owner and the community thereby creating a sense of community and belonging enhancing the property owners property. This is a “win win” for the property owner and the community. Congratulations on a well thought out formula for revitalizing urban communities.”

Rev. Roy Mathews

Dear Al,
I haven’t seen anyone do that before (sell their house to become a renter), but you are a leader in the pack.  That is a good idea.  I appreciate you being a leader and sharing your ideas.

When you told me about renting out a furnished apartment to medical students in a large city, that helped us before we found a renter for our efficiency.  We are fully leased up now.
Thank you,
K Messmer

Hi Al, I really loved this one: https://leadinglandlord.com/benefits-airbnb-long-term-rentals/

Very good points, I was not sure if I should accept a couple for 4 months, (because I would get paid less) but then I thought about hustle factor and cleaning fees and stress and decided to accept that request. $1678 per month is also good for 1bd.

All I’m inspired with your stuff. Thanks for sharing.

~ elijah

Hello Al,

I read your book on Kindle and I’m implementing some strategies. It’s been a process but I see things changing. One the houses where I started renovations, the neighbors started trying to do improvements to their yard (she really overdid the front yard with plants, their house needs a lot of work). We haven’t seen eye to eye because her children keep trashing my yard. But I did hear that the dad is interested in selling the property so I’m hoping to purchase their 4 lots that have three water taps on it already. I’m thinking of tearing down the houses on them and building a triplex. Across the street is a duplex and I think it will be an easy sell with the City. I’ve been cleaning the trash and following up with property owners about buying their vacant and abandoned properties in the near future with seller financing.Vickie Woodard, Teacher & Entrepreneur

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