It took an epileptic seizure to help Robert Lett discover this income-boosting idea. Okay, well…. it was his tenant’s seizure, not Robert’s, but the event did shake him up. Robert wasn’t able to connect with 9-1-1 from his rental.  This made him realize he needed better cell phone reception, so he started learning about ground leases for cell towers and antennas.


His first attempt to win a cell antenna lease didn’t work out, but the second one did. In 2003, he bought a fast appreciating fourplex that had a negative cash flow.


He used the lessons learned from his first exploration to secure an antenna lease that grossed $1,300 each month!


Now that’s the way to turn your pain into profit!!


Evaluate Your Site for an Antenna Lease


Robert was kind enough to tell us how he did this and share some lessons learned along the way. We put his information into this flowchart.

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 Other Cash Flow Ideas


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