The Successful Journey

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[Note] This is Chapter 3 in a series. Click HERE to start at Chapter 1 The Celebration “Order whatever you’d like!” he said as his wife beamed with pride! They were at dinner, celebrating their accomplishment. They were finally getting … Continued

3 Steps Into Corporate Housing

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If you want more income than your rental market can bare, upgrade your market. You could progress in three simple steps: Can you see the progression away from price-sensitive tenants and towards travelers who mostly care about conveniences? That’s the secret sauce for … Continued

5 Essentials for Profitable Innercity Investments

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Every innercity investment should be measured against five metrics to evaluate its post-transformation potential.  The standard “buy low and sell high”, “make your profit when you buy”, and other wise rules of thumb still apply, but the metrics described below account for the unique challenges … Continued

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