Business Plan for Arbitrage

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There’s a new Airbnb expert popping up everyday…

… the field is too saturated for me.

I’m going to move on to focus on ways you can apply the concept to reach your financial goals faster.

Combining short term rentals with tax free investment vehicles like Roth IRA, Self Directed 401K, and Health Savings Accounts is a savvy way to quickly manufacture the freedom you want.

I’ll unpacking some of those opportunities in the near future.

But for now, watch the short video below. It describes how you can use rental arbitrage to earn a $10,000 monthly salary in only 24 months.


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  1. Ruth Akright

    We own two historic homes that we are planning to set up as AirBNBs or short term rentals but this sounds like something we should be considering on the long term. They are already furnished and ready to do something with. The problem is they are in Northeastern NC which is not the best market for anything. We are close to Tidewater VA though and that should give us some business – even for short term business rentals. Signing up for your course now. Thanks for making this available.

  2. Al Williamson

    Ruth, it’s wonderful to turn one of your existing properties into a short-term rental. But, arguably, it’s better to turn someone else’s well-located and sized rental into a short-term rental. Open yourself up to the idea of rental arbitrage.

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