Don’t Miss This Post

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I posted a new article on a popular real estate forum called BiggerPockets. It describes how landlords can create new income streams by combining insight and imagination with the desire to cut expenses. Check out 3 Innovative Income Streams for Landlords by clicking … Continued

Launching $100 Idea

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I’ve shared details with subscribers about our implementation of the “Newsletter – WiFi” idea that came out of the $100 Idea Challenge. This idea involves selling a $15/month newsletter to the neighbors surrounding our 8-plex and providing complimentary Wi-Fi. We’ll email … Continued

Did You Catch These Articles

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Dear Leading Landlords, Please grant a quick side bar conversation….. I’ve been writing articles for other websites in an attempt to gain exposure and grow my subscriber list. Since I don’t want to publish the information twice, please follow these … Continued

Payday Loan Inspiration – $100 Idea Challenge

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I saw a news blurb that the Utah Apartment Owners Association was partnering with a payday loan company so its members could refer their cash-strapped tenants to them. I originally thought the landlords might receive a referral fee, so I investigated. A representative … Continued

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