Launching $100 Idea

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I’ve shared details with subscribers about our implementation of the “Newsletter – WiFi” idea that came out of the $100 Idea Challenge. This idea involves selling a $15/month newsletter to the neighbors surrounding our 8-plex and providing complimentary Wi-Fi. We’ll email … Continued

Did You Catch These Articles

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Dear Leading Landlords, Please grant a quick side bar conversation….. I’ve been writing articles for other websites in an attempt to gain exposure and grow my subscriber list. Since I don’t want to publish the information twice, please follow these … Continued

Payday Loan Inspiration – $100 Idea Challenge

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I saw a news blurb that the Utah Apartment Owners Association was partnering with a payday loan company so its members could refer their cash-strapped tenants to them. I originally thought the landlords might receive a referral fee, so I investigated. A representative … Continued

Introduction to Leading Landlord Blog

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Here’s an introduction to what we aspire to achieve with the Leading Landlord Blog. Transcript Hello, my name is Al Williamson.  Thank you for checking out the Leading Landlord blog. Join us for our webinar, where you’ll learn how to … Continued

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