I love it when I find something super useful and inexpensive to recommend!

So, with great pleasure, I’d like to introduce the Phillips Soft White Dusk-Till-Dawn light bulb!



I suggest you always upgrade your night lighting as soon as you take ownership/responsibility for a property. This is the quickest way to announce there’s a new sheriff in town.

Now it’s easier than ever to upgrade with this smart LED bulb that has a built in dawn to dusk sensor.

Here are nine reasons why you should install these bulbs whenever feasible.

These bulbs:

Improve Safety

Good night lighting:

1 – Helps your neighbors monitor activities around your rental.

2 – Helps residents avoid tripping on obstacles… and you avoid lawsuits.

3 – Can help emergency services reduce their response time.


Save Money

Your wallet will love these bulbs because:

4 – Each one costs less than $3 per year to operate.

5 – They have a long service life. The Phillips Soft White Dusk-Till-Dawn light bulb is expected to operate for 11 years (assuming it’s on 6 hours per night)!

6 – There’s no need to get new light fixtures. The replacement bulb works in nearly all exterior lights – even ones with frosted glass.  Simply screw it in and point the sensor outward so it can accurately sense the sunlight.

7 – They are frugal. The bulb turns on only when its needed.


Prevent Loss

Your risk-management department will love these bulbs because:

8 – They emit a bright, but soft white glow; not the harsh color of other bulbs on the market. The color encourages your neighbors to keep an eye on your property.


9 – Well lit spaces discourage thieves from approaching.  I’d rather a burglar not approach than try to scary them away with a motion detecting light.


All this for less than $8 per bulb! 

Before finding this bulb, I used to retrofit light fixtures so they would be equipped with a dawn to dusk sensor. The cost of that project ran me around $20 and 40 minutes of time… if I got the wiring correct the first time.

Now I simply replace the bubs with a Phillips Soft White Dusk-Till-Dawn light bulbs for less than $8 each!

These things are great. Try them for yourself!


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