National Night Out

Oak Park, Sacramento, CA is a wonderful place to live and invest.  It full of neighborhood pride and optimism.  To illustrate this point, I’ve compiled this series that features 4 of the 9 National Night Out parties scheduled in 2011.

National Night Out Celebrations in Oak Park 2011

Oak Park Business Association at the Women’s Civic Improvement Center

42nd Street, Rev. & Jellether Odeye

2nd/32nd St. Neighborhood Watch Group

1st Av and Y St Neighborhood Group

As you can tell, it was a fun night in Oak Park.  The Oak Park Neighborhood Association won a grant from Building Healthy Communities and was able to contribute $60 to each event.  The money was well spent and, from what I’ve seen and heard, it created an abundance of goodwill and a healthier community indeed. I’m expecting more than 9 parties in 2012.

Thanks to all who contributed to this summary.  Let’s do it again next year!