Oak Park Business Associatin LogoThis is a special post written by Mr. Terre Johnson.  It’s his account of the Oak Park Business Association’s 2011 National Night Out.  It is part 1 of our 4 part series documenting Oak Park’s thriving community spirit.  Oak Park is Sacramento’s first suburb.


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OAK PARK BUSINESS ASSOCIATION  NATIONAL NIGHT OUT event was a smash hit!  Our Band played hits from the 70’s while the neighbors enjoyed the cool ambiance of the WCIC (75th Anniversary) parking lot.  The OPBA rented 6 tables and 60 chairs and they were full most of the evening.


This is our 3rd year that the OPBA and WCIC have partnered and used their facility parking lot for an
outdoor event.


We were not taking a count except for burgers and hot dog consumption! 132 Hamburgers and 90 Hot dogs all cooked by Master Neighborhood Chef Terre!   Michael Luna made his grandmothers famous potato salad and his now famous fruit salad – topped by Oak Park Watermelon Man Yellow Watermelon! Huge hit!


Our first dignitary to visit our National Night Out event was District 5 City  Councilman Jay Schenirer .  It was the first visit for him for the evening – he Facebooked us at the Stockton Blvd Partnership event – with a band!


Supervisor Phil Serna was there in spirit as his event representative came and enjoyed the food and music and neighbors!


Mayor Kevin Johnson and entourage sweep the crowd shaking hands with all the people at all the tables. It was the highlight of the attendees night. You could see it in their faces! My neighbors on 2nd Av and 36th Street think that we are totally hooked up with the Mayor’s office.


The Skip Murphy Band keep the energy up. We had chalk for the kids and they created an awesome mural on the blacktop.  Families came from several blocks around and strangers on the street were drawn in to the lively gathering! Most people thought that we should do this more often – one a month!  I told those people – we do – it’s every first Thursday [the Oak Park Neighborhood Association Meeting] at the Food Bank!


Big success!  Thanks to the Board of the OPBA for support of this National Night Out event!


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