Steven is Inspirational


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He’s also half crazy.

Steven VanCauwenbergh is irresistibly entertaining.

And wicked smart at the same time.

You never know what’s going to happen when he’s walks in a room.
After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad he transformed his life and now owns over one hundred rentals in Oklahoma City.

He’s got an amazing story and a solid podcast.

You should definitely slip his show into your listening rotation. I did.

Savvy Radio Podcast

Steve’s a former DJ. He’s great on a mic.

That’s why I shamelessly begged him to interview me.

Click HERE to listen to the episode.

We talked about:

1 -Turning the “hood to good”

2 -Side Income, and

3 – Airbnb Landlording
Sir Steven VanCauwenbergh did a good job of covering what we discuss here in Leading Landlord Land. If you’re just learning your way around, you should start with Leading Landlord’s Resources, landlord tips, and advice on¬†ways to make money on Airbnb.