Landlord tipsYou might be thinking about dabbling in Airbnb or the short-stay rental business. That’s smart.

It’s also a great way to diversify your rental income and “stumble” into larger opportunities.

But do you know where to start? What are the essential tips for airbnb landlords?

Airbnb Landlord Tips for Success


If you operate as most suggest, you’ll end up burnt out and may not earn the same net income that a traditional landlord would.

That was my biggest concern. That’s why I didn’t pull the trigger on short-stay housing until business travel was emphasized.

You see, although I like having warm cookies set out for me and I love being a spoiled Airbnb guest, I just couldn’t see myself spoiling the guests that stayed in my rental.



So over the years I’ve worked out a strategy that doesn’t attempt to compete with home sharers. I’ve tested it, made some bumbles, but ended up with something that works great.

Here’s an article I wrote for BiggerPockets. It’s gives you a framework that you should follow.

Top 10 Do’s and Dont’s for Short Stay Airbnb Landlords

If you find the article useful, and you’re ready to start your Airbnb business, then start off on the right foot.

Don’t Waste Money Starting Your Airbnb Landlording Biz from Scratch


I’ve got a course that helps you quickly identify the most lucrative guests you should target. It also contains ready-to-go templates, checklists, and my automation secrets to reduce calls for service and make your short-stay businesses nearly hands-off.

…Well you will need to keep one hand on your smartphone … it won’t be totally hands off.

But you don’t need to meet your guests or scrub your rental after they bannerleave. You don’t need to help carry their luggage or join them for breakfast in the morning. Good thing right?!

Instead you can use our systems to give your guests the 5-star experience they want.

It’s everything I wish I would have had.

So get oriented as a Airbnb Landlord and not as a home sharer!

Click HERE to get started.


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