Roost LogoI’ve been tracking the Collaborative Economy for a few years. One of the benefits is that I can alert you to events like this – so please listen up!


You may not have seen coming, but by now you know of its impact.


Airbnb allows normal people to rent their guest rooms, entire apartments or home, to others. Airbnb has more rooms under its “management” than any hotel chain in the world. This collaborative business has taken a significant chuck of wealth away from the hotel industry and made it accessible to those who participate in the collaborative economy.


Similarly, you may not have seen coming, but by now you know of its impact.

Uber and Lyft allow regular people to earn money by driving people to their local destinations. This has angered the taxi industry and mobilized their lobbyists to protest. Sore losers.

NOW Here Comes SPACER allows regular people to rent their extra space and parking stalls to others who have the smart phone app.

Yes, I’m betting history will repeat itself. The storage industry will likely dismiss this trend at first, then they’ll deploy their lobbyists to fight against it.

What Does This Mean for Rental Owners

So once again, your tenants will have another way to sub-lease your rental to earn extra money for themselves (this will be an ongoing trend).

But I encourage you to get in front of this; use Spacer to make extra money for yourself. Don’t be a sore loser who is last to the market.

Are you listening to me? Leave a comment below. Tell me what you think of this.

Check out and consider how you can be an early adopter.

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills” – Chinese proverb

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