Would you buy a $100 treasury bond for $80 (at a $20 discount) if you had to wait five yearslandlord guide to cash it? Maybe … but imagine if you could do something to get the $100 two years sooner. That would really sweeten the deal right?


If you can shorten the time needed to reach your financial goal, then you can:


  •  Make a profit quicker
  •  Reduce your chance of financial loss
  • Better control your destiny


Well, landlords can pull off such maneuvers by investing in inner city real estate.

You are aware of nice areas where properties sell at higher than market values simply because of their prestigious setting. Well the opposite is true  –  properties sell for below market values, at discounts, simply because the are in or near undesirable areas.

You knew that already right?


But, unlike with treasury bonds, there are steps you can take to get rid of discounts on certain types of properties and our Landlord Drive Neighborhood Revitalization process shows you how.


Landlord Guide for Getting Rid of Neighborhood Stigma

This guide lays out a blueprint forward for landlords who want to make their rentals easier to manage and more profitable.


Building Wealth with Inner City Rentals shows you step-by-step how to reinvigorate a neighborhood and help properties appraise at full market value.  If your target area is showing sign of improvement, then it makes sense to strategically accelerate the timeline for success. At this point it’s more profitable to act like a catalyst than to be a passive investor.


Let me explain by using two teeter totters hinged together to represent a typical neighborhood:


landord guide - inner city landlord opportunity


The funny looking contraption shown above represents how a neighborhood works. If the residents stop acting neighborly, then the mid-section sags as the area declines.

Reshape Inner City Neighborhoods for Profit

Think of the teeter-totter as a cup that collects and holds petty crime and non-productive people. The goal is to reshape the contraption (neighborhood) so it acts like a tent that sheds undesirable elements.


Landlords, in inner cities rental communities, can help their neighborhoods shed poor reputations and capture a bump in property value for a reward. Here’s how:

Infographic of Catalytic Landlord Process


The end result is a revitalized community and a pile of equity for you, the rental owner. It will also be one of your proudest accomplishments.


All the details and tips for success are in the course along with five video lessons and six audio lessons. Check out the How to Build Wealth with Inner City Rentals to learn more.