Reduce Monthly Rental Expenses

We all love saving money, right? However it can be a lot of hard work to actually find new opportunities to reduce rental expenses. But here’s your head start; I’ve gathered some ideas that have worked for me and could work for you as well.

Below is a collection of articles I’ve published describing some of the most profitable moves you can make to reduce your monthly rental expenses. Please send in your recommendations too. Let me know what I might have missed.reducing_rental expenses_image




  • The Must-Have Tool for Landlords – This clip on wide angle lens helps you take pictures that shows more of your bathroom and kitchen. The better, more real life pictures, gives you a marketing advantage when posting an internet vacancy ad.




  • 7 Ways to Save Big at Home Depot  – Mix and match these tactics to save 17% and more! This is one of the strategies I uses to reduce my rental property expenses by over $100 each month.






  • Shifting Paradigms To Improve Net Operating Income – Changing your mindset and considering new ideas might spark cost-saving ideas. Here’s a discussion on why we should distance ourselves from the “landlord” title and step up to working as Income Stream Managers.





  • Breakup Sub-Niches To Reduce Expenses – We pay premium prices because we don’t cooperate with others. Learn how working with others can boost your buying power and drive down your rental expenses.