I got a tip that this StoveTop FireStop device might shave some money off our landlord insurance premiums, so I had to investigate.

What I found was an easy to install device that sells for less than $60. Take a look at this demonstration video:

Can It Really Reduce Insurance Premiums?

Awesome, right?! It’s quick and easy to install. Looks like a good idea. Problem is Safeco, the company that provides insurance for my single family rental, said:

  •  Yes, they would give me a discount if we had a full house fire suppression system, like an overhead sprinkler system, but
  • No, they won’t give me a break just for a stove top suppression systems. Darn it!

The product’s manufacturer maintains a list of insurance carriers who are willing to give you a discount for installing their device. Click HERE to see if your insurance carrier is on the list.

If you end up catching a premium reduction from installing this device, let us know. Share your story in the comment section below. Thanks