The $100 Challege: New Income Streams for Landlords

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Time to boldly go where no blog has gone before! Since I believe rents are the beginning of the income available to landlords, it’s time I proved it.

This is the beginning of my quest to create an additional $100 per month from my eight unit apartment building without raising rents.

To start with, I’ll brainstorm and research ideas that fit within our two conceptual buckets:

1. Tenant-dependent income

2. Income independent of tenants

Then I’ll implement the best idea and report back to you each month.

We all could use an extra $100 per month, so let’s work together and develop some new income streams for landlords.

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6 Responses

  1. Al Williamson

    Thanks Kevin. That definitely works. I’ll add it to the list.
    In my situation, I’ve already implemented this idea. Great minds right.

    I’m looking to create an additional $100 on top of my existing strategies.

  2. Kevin Dickson

    Home Depot, has FINALLY started selling a wifi thermostat.

    Install it, lock it up, now only YOU can control heat and air conditioning.

    Now you can remotely save money by monitoring actual temperature and making adjustments. You can get away with huge nighttime and daytime setbacks without worrying about no heat calls. If you get a complaint, dial it back up.

  3. Al Williamson

    Awesome Kevin! I’ve been waiting for these to come out and drop in price.
    I’ve been watching an “iThermostat” product planning to install at my residence.
    Regarding the cost vs. savings, maybe we could compare break even times.

  4. Thomas "Tom" Gunter

    Property owners, “Think and Grow Rich”… no joke property owners make millons of dollards by renting their property to billboard companies each year. Did you know that the outdoor advertising induestry in the Unnited States had ad revenues that exceeded 5,900,00,000.00 million dollar last year? The majority of these billboards are located on leased peoperty along major highways and freeways across America from coast to coast.
    If you have a property that has a good view from the highway don’t hesitate to check with a billboard company you may just hook yourself an extra income. You can read more about what it takes to qualify on my website.

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