Here’s an introduction to what we aspire to achieve with the Leading Landlord Blog.

Hello, my name is Al Williamson.  Thank you for checking out the Leading Landlord blog.

I wanted to shoot a video to introduce myself and let you know this weekly blog is really about three topics:

  • Helping landlords create new income streams,
  • Reducing their expenses, and
  • Increasing their equity.

By creating new income streams I mean creating other sources of income besides normal rent.

Things like:

  • Renting parking spaces to nearby business or zipcar
  • Creating a wi-fi hot spot

Things like that – you get the idea.

The second topic is reducing expenses, by this I mean:

  • Finding and testing products that can lower your monthly bills
  • Sharing the savings you can create by sharing resources

Lastly, our third topic will be helping landlord increase their equity. This is a process of strategic community building and the goal is to make your “location” nicer and in more demand.

If all that sounds interesting, then I hope you’ll stop by each week and join the conversation.

I want to send you a free copy of our first eBook guide and other special reports, so please subscribe to our site. Thank you – I’ll talk to you soon.