Big time fun at the Mr. Landlord Cruise 2015 to the Bahamas! I had the honor of presenting my thoughts on:Al Presenting at MrLL Cruise

1 –┬áNew cash flow opportunities for landlords, and

2 – How to build wealth with inner city rentals

My main points were:

The Collaborative Economy offers new opportunities for landlords to grow their cash flow by:

1 – Helping tenants share with each other
2 – Helping tenants who are willing to share with their landlords
3 – Helping neighbors surrounding their rentals to share amenities
4 – Helping world wide communities share recommendations and live experiences

Click HERE if you’re interested in learning more about new ancillary income streams and profit centers for landlords.

A landlord’s cash flow is proportional to the orderliness of the surrounding neighborhood.

Therefore a landlord involved in inner city redevelopment should:

1 – “Expect turbulence but not land the plane”.
2 – Following best practices to advance their neighborhood; get better results with less effort.
3 – Focus on increasing orderliness to build confidence to buy more properties in troubled times.

Click HERE if you want to learn more about building wealth with inner city rentals.

I’ll try to get audio attached to this post so you can listen in.