Learn how to buy inner city rentals, with confidence, and reap the rewards of improving a neighborhood!

Want to succeed where others have failed?

Want the neighborhood to go from troubled to trendy?

The Book Empowers You To...

  • Reduce the common problems associated with inner city rentals

  • Create a FORTUNE providing leadership to a promising neighborhood

  • Feel great about helping the neighborhood become more orderly and making a profit doing so

  • Out manuver the resistance to change so you avoid heartbreak and frustration 

  • Skip time-wasting mistakes and use your time to make the biggest impact

Increase your cash flow, property values, and the quality of applicants. Learn the smart way to transform a struggling neighborhood!

About the author

Al Williamson

Leading Landlord Blog

Al is compelled by a vision of helping you use your infulence as a landlord to improve communities.

His goal is to empower you to take a leadership role in your community and profit from neighborhood revitalization.

Think how proud you'll feel making a difference while making a big profit. Are you in?

Yes, I'm Ready to Increase My Property Values

Some words on the Book

  • I have read it cover to cover and thought it was fabulous!! Great concepts and insights into what it takes tobe successful in this type of real estate investing!!

    Chris Burckhardt., Chief Operating Officer, Mercy Housing

  • I love your book. Landlords have the ability to greatly improve neighborhoods...but I don't think very many of them have a plan to do that.

    Sharon Vornholt., Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog

  • What a fantastic read! Very thorough and systematic with so many new insights that I've never even considered. I'll definitely put this book to good use.

    Shannon Pineau., author of My Rental Property Coach

  • ... money can be made by providing a desirable product to the local population. Al provides instructions that help property owners increase their profits in the short and long term.

    Ben Bakhshi, Atlanta

  • I had no idea someone had created such a great niche book which breaks down years of trial and error into easily defined steps. It gives landlord (or future landlords) seeking to leverage their position a map to enhance community appeal and ultimately property values. Pick it up for yourself. You won't regret it!

    Derek Caffe., Florida

About the Author

Al Williamson is a professional engineer who has spent countless hours in community meetings and leading grass roots activities aimed at strengthening the neighborhood surrounding his rentals.
After making many mistakes, he has written this guide so you can 1) avoid hours of frustration, 2) have the confidence to buy in troubled times and 3) create meaningful wealth for you and your family.