Resistance to change is always in ample supply. And when it comes to inner city revitalization efforts, a number of programs have been launched (with fanfare) and quietly scrapped. What makes you think you can do any better?


Here’s where I shamelessly plug  my eBook that contains the answer.


Anyway, since the mid 80’s, political and business consultants have used versions of this conceptual model to help organizations transition to higher levels. And you too can have the same good success if you understand that sufficient amounts of each ingredient (change element) are needed to topple the status quo.


Those elements are:


DISSATISFACTION – answers the “why” question and fuels the change effort

VISION – answers the “what” question and must be compelling enough to entice action

PLAN – answers the “how” question and must be a blueprint forward, a treasure map


This model is commonly known as the DVP Change Formula.


If one of these elements is missing, then you’re heading towards a fail attempt.  There won’t be enough weight to tip the scale and not enough steam to make it over the hill.


This powerful tool can help you reach personal and professional goals, but for this post, I’m just going to focus on how a Leading Landlord can use it.


The Leading Landlord that understands this model has a significant advantage over The Resistance. You’re able to both engineer an organizational change or, more preferably, troubleshoot a struggling revitalization process.

How Landlords Can Use the DVP Change Formula to Improve Property Values


If you want neighboring landlords and owners to work together to make your block nicer, you should:


1 – Talk about how it’s unfair that your block doesn’t have what another block does (D)


2  – Talk up or illustrate what your block would look like if it had “what it deserves” (V)
[OK, I’m playing off a stereotype with the entitlement language, but you’ll find the sense of fairness is a very powerful motivator. Use it to your advantage.]


3 – Share a written plan on what steps to take next (P)


Do things in this order and you’ll increase your chance of getting the change you want to see.


The DVP Formula is a tool that can help landlords bring about positive change. It can help improve your property values more than any bathroom remodel possibly could. Use it to work smarter not of harder.


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