Here’s an update on my experiment to create over $100 per  month with a $500 device. The goal is to add this device to my rental properties and magnify the profitability of each property. Click HERE to read Part 1 of this series.

I’ve been running the experiment for a couple weeks now. 

I’m using a SenseCAP hotspot with the antenna that comes with it.

The set up was confusing to me since I’m not a computer tech person. I had to have someone explain the language and details to me.

In hindsight, it seems quite simple.


I average $1 per day by just placing the hotspot on my TV stand near a window on my 1st floor. It was about 2 ft above the floor.

I could have done better if I’d placed the device on my second floor, but I was intimidated by trying something new. I was my own worst enemy because the learning curve was taxing on me and I wasn’t checking in frequently enough with my older brother who is mentoring me.

I probably wouldn’t have fully set the device up if I didn’t have a mentor.


I relocated the hotspot to the top floor of my commercial building. It’s now about 25 ft above the ground and sits in my laundry room. It now earns on average $2 per day using the weakest antenna but in a better location.


I’m waiting for a special cable to arrive so I can connect the hotspot to an outdoor antenna that should give me 5x the broadcasting power. 

I’m expecting to earn between $7 and $10 per day. 

April 6, 2022 Update

I’m up $243 which is 10 shares of HNT.

This is a $150 per month pace which is about $5 per day. This beats the $3.33 per day rate that most landlords collect.

 So I’m calling this experiment a success.