Side Income for Landlord

Did you know…?

Most landlords don’t realize they are using the least profitable business model possible to rent out their properties.


The reality is that there are more than five unique ways to operate a rental and 12 types of strategies for creating additional income at your rentals.


That means 12 ways to make extra money!


Collecting market rent should not be a landlord’s goal; just collecting market rents is LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE.


If you want to make real money with your rental properties, 40 Ways to Increase the Net Income of Your Rental Property will show you how.


Your investment property is endowed with wealth building potential that you have yet to utilize.


Maximize Your Property’s Ancillary Income Potential

Most people view their properties emotionally and don’t know how to maximize the potential that their properties possess. 40 Ways to Increase the Net Income of Your Rental Property takes an objective look at rental properties and teaches you exactly how to take full advantage of that potential.


40 Ways to Increase the Net Income of Your Rental Property takes you through the process of exploring 40 clusters of money making ideas that may be appropriate for your rental. It leads you step-by-step towards expanding what you believe is possible.


I have been using these tools to generate 63% of the income needed to pay the first mortgage of my 8-unit apartment complex. That income is in addition to the rents I collect.


What does that mean?

That means I am significantly more profitable than the landlord down the street who only collects rents from his tenants. And I can show you how to increase your net income too!


What You Can Do Today to Leverage the Property You Already Own…

I want to show everyone how to make their properties more profitable. I want people to stop leaving money on the table, and start putting it in their pockets.


For the past 10-years I’ve been trying to build ancillary income streams for my 8-unit apartment complex. I started blogging about it in 2011. People laughed at my attempt to generate enough “non-rent” income to cover 100% of my first mortgage. I have grow it to 63% now and I know I can help you as well.


I’m offering a course for 30 landlords and/or property manager to show them how to find and develop new ancillary income streams!


The 12-part course will discuss one of the ancillary income categories each month. Each training module contains a multi-media approach to seed your imagination, improve your retention,  and help remove your self-imposed limitations.


I’ve limited the course to 30 participants because I’m committed to working with each person to understand the dynamics of their unique rental property. All participants will have direct access to me to ask questions specific to your rentals.

What You’ll Get

* Video Training Course (15 Video Modules – sent one per week) $697 Value

* 1- Hour Coaching Session $397 Value

* One Year Email Support $330 Value

We will go into incredible detail how on how rental property owners can earn income on the side. Here’s a sample module:

The other modules cover:

Module 1 – Storage

Module 2 – Financial Services

Module 3 – Transportation

Module 4 – Power Plant

Module 5 – Broadcasting

Module 6 – Fees and Commissions

Module 7 – Commerce Center

Module 8 – Health and Fitness

Module 9 – Land Use

Module 10 – Hospitality

Module 11 – Placemaking

Module 12 – Advertisement Platform


If you are ready to be a Next Generation Landlord, I would be honored to work with you and help you develop a new income stream you can be proud of.


The course is only $599 that provide you with in-depth discussion and Q&A on all 12 ancillary income categories, as well as any other questions regarding your rentals.


Bonus Material

In addition to the above training modules and Q&A, I want to provide the Class of 2016 online attendees with as much value as possible. To do that, I’m including the following bonuses to help your rental portfolio become even more profitable.

DIGITAL BONUSES included with the online training:

* BONUS 1: Private Dorm Business Plan $499 Value

* BONUS 2: Premium Membership to the Leading Landlord Blog $99 Value

100% Unconditional 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Sign Up and Discover How To Draw Ancillary Income from Your Rental

A total value of $2,022 worth of material for only



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