SOFT Solar Lighting

It’s an exciting time…

1 – The price of solar-powered accessories continues to plummet.

2 – The quality of solar lighting is approaching that of the bulbs you’d want in your home.

One of my corporate housing units sits behind a house in a super nice neighborhood. My wife wants to live there.

The problem is, at night, the path leading to the front door is pitch black.

It feels like the beginning of a scary Disneyland ride… and that’s not what I want.

There aren’t any external electrical outlets; I can’t go with an off-the-shelf fix.

I felt stuck. I just don’t like the harsh bluish light most solar LED lights emit.

Good News

As you can imagine, I was jazzed to discover the MINI 50X Twin Solar-Powered Cast Aluminum Warm White LED Spotlight on Amazon. It’s a “warm” light!

The MINI is basically two small spotlights powered by a small solar panel.

You can easily mount the panel to a building or a metal stake that you push in the ground.

The lighting looks great and these lights are powerful enough to run all night. Just amazing!

With the convenience of the MINI you can easily emphasize landscape features, spotlight your address sign, or light up walkways.

I’m getting a lot of compliments on them. They are truly a high value item.

At just  $33.99 on Amazon,  the MINI is super affordable.


I’m ordering two more MINIs for my apartment complex.

I am ready to go beyond security lighting and add some night time ambiance.

If you’re interested in increasing the perceived value of your rental, consider super-charging your night time lighting.


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