This series started off when I discovered that inside a tenant-centric hierarchy of needs tenants need to feel safe before their belongingness needs were addressed. Click HERE to see that post. That led me to send out a tenant survey to find out how they felt.


I went through the process of learning how to prepare a simple online survey. You can follow my tutorial and see the survey results by clicking HERE.


Now that the results are in, I’ve learned that my residents feel:
– They’re getting good value for their rent
– Safe inside our gated complex, but
– Somewhat unsafe in the neighborhood


It looks like we haven’t fully satisfied their need for safety and according to Maslow’s rule, I shouldn’t attempt to address their more advanced needs. Neighborhood safety is still an issue.


Coming to terms with survey results

This is such a disappointment! Especially since I put a lot of effort into trying to improve neighborhood safety. It’s also disappointing because I was planning to build a small deck to give the complex a front porch-like sitting area.


My front yard catalyst project was supposed to be a cool spot that my residents would enjoy – and that would put more eyes on the street and further improve safety. I really wanted to do something remarkable. However, based on the results, they aren’t likely to hang out in an area were they aren’t fully comfortable. In fact, creating a nice but unused space would backfire on me; just like an empty restaurant on a Friday night.


After a couple of days in denial, I’m ready to adjust my reality.

My new plan is to continue working on neighborhood safety, install a pea gravel bed as a place holder for the deck, and finish the planting according to our landscape plan. This way I can continue to stoke the neighborhood’s revitalization without wasting money.


What do you think? Are you willing to hear what your tenants think?