You only have so much time.

And, if you’re like me, you don’t want to waste it on social media or anything that doesn’t really matter.

That’s why you should consider using TikTok to market your traditional rentals and short term rentals.


Now I’m no professional. I’m still learning but I see some early signs of benefit.

1 – It’s a Cool Way to Reach People in their Mid-20s

Not everyone sits around and consumes hours of TikToks, but people 25 and younger sure do.

If you want this demographic to pay attention to your rental(s), then TikTok is the platform for you.

2 – It’s a Catchy Way to Market Your Rental

Who doesn’t love a good story?

You can use the TikTok app to quickly film a story that has a beginning, middle and end. It need not be complicated.

The key is to indirectly show off your rental… to indirectly market it… and to create buzz.

Look how I show off the mess I’ve made installing a new floor for my corporate rental. Watch the video below

If I keep shooting these videos, I’ll have an amazing before and after clip to use in all my marketing campaigns.

People love to watch transformations.

So, I’ll give them a show that builds demand for my rentals… and justifies my premium rates.

3 – It Gives You a Time Stamp

You may have noticed that more and more business is being conducted on the internet. And, to sell your product online, you’ll need lots of great pictures and a great reputation.

When you upload a TikTok or YouTube video, the platform marks it with a date stamp. Now, when someone is researching your credibility, they will be able to see for themselves that you’ve been in business for some time.

Personally, I routinely direct my skeptics to my walk-thru videos and third-party reputation sites.

It’s just one more way to say, “I’m not a crook.”


Play around with using TikTok for your business. You don’t want to dismiss its importance or all the ways you can repurpose the content you create.

And email me at when your ready to launch your own corporate extended stay rental business.