2020 was a beast of a year.

Who would have thought that tourism would come to a complete stop?

But it did.

And here’s the thing.  

There’s a category of business travel that’s considered essential.

It’s made up of government contractors, military personal, healthcare professionals, and construction workers.

Yes, plumbers are essential!

And these folks make up a segment of the mobile workforce that needs furnished rentals.

How I Stayed 100% Booked in 2020

As the graphic above shows, I used a variety of strategies to avoid vacancies.

I used online travel agencies such as: Airbnb, vrbo, FurnishedFinder and Traveler’s Haven

I also used Facebook/messenger, word-of mouth, our company’s website, and Craigslist to reach different audiences.

And the things I re-learned are this:

  1. You need a variety of marketing tactics to reach essential workers, and
  2. If you know how to out market your competition, you won’t have vacancies.

Did you know…

If you want to start a profitable rental business…

… or make more money with the rentals you currently have

… then you need to take a close look at this.

Housing the mobile workforce that needs month-to-month furnished rentals is both a recession-proof and pandemic-proof business model.

In fact, since eviction moratoriums are now a thing, extended stay landlording is less risky than working with traditional tenants.

Extended stays are the safest and most profitable way to operate a rental home without burning yourself out. 

More Prosperity – Your Decision

You can set up a furnished rental business that caters to essential workers.

And you can create a steady cash flow stream that is scalable, recession-proof and pandemic-proof. I help people do this all the time.

This concept is so powerful that you don’t even need to own a rental to make money with it.

So, if you’re looking for a way to add cashflow in 2021, let me encourage you to make the decision to serve essential workers on extended assignments.

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