The innovations of George Washington Carver revolutionized the peanut industry.

He discovered 300 ways to use the nut!

Carver also promoted the idea of crop rotation. This is a method of putting nutrients back into soils so farmers could have big harvests year after year..

What Would Carver Do As a Landlord

Since it’s Black History Month, I should tell you that Carver has always been my role model.

He closely observed plants and dreamt up ways they could better mankind.

Similarly, I think about rentals and dream up ways to help landlords and managers create more net income.

How to Rotate Your Crops

If you think of a “crop” as something you sale and “soil” to represent your community, then you’ll be able to follow this musing…

By modifying how you operate your rentals… making some traditional, some furnished extended stays / short term, and some affordable… you can “replenish” the nutrients in your soil.

You can help local businesses by bringing in business travelers who need their services and long for variety.

You can help struggling single mothers by providing safe and affordable places for them to raise their children.

You can help the community by exercising your leadership within the area surrounding your rentals. Those areas need you to form phone lists and support neighborhood watch groups. They need you to lend a hand, help mend a fence and demonstrate what it means to be a neighbor.

This is a great way to create prosperity for yourself and others.

Do You Feel Stagnant

Are you growing? Are you doing anything that’s stretches your abilities?
If not, why not?

Join me in taking inspiration from George Washington Carvers sense of curiosity with the intent on serving others.

He deliberately didn’t put patents on his inventions just because he wanted to make them affordable to everyone.

Wow, he definitely created more value than he captured!

Let’s salute Carver… let’s use our imaginations… and let us make sure our cash flow pursuits always benefits society.