EDITOR NOTE: This is, by far, my least popular article. Even my most supportive supporters have nothing to say.

But looking back, I realize I wrote it to encourage myself. I’m writing my own success story.

Are you writing yours?


Not many people know this but the Golden Goose was a savvy arbitrager.

Her name was Gwen.

Long before she was captured by the notorious giant, who was made famous in the Jack and the Bean Stock story, she was a highly sought after financier.

Gwen had a knack for acting on strong money-making ideas that simply needed money.

The problem was she was surrounded by people who saw money as an insurmountable obstacle. They past over countless opportunities because they couldn’t see beyond their limited resources.

But not Gwen… she had different thoughts.

The biggest difference between rich and poor is how they handle fear.

Gwen acted when everyone else was fearful.

Gwen said there was nothing to it.

She just looked at margins and not at costs.

Gwen would say, “Money is kind of like water but instead of flowing to the lowest spot, it flows to the highest ideas.”

And She Grew Richer

As ideas came, Gwen organized people, explain the benefits, and gather funds.

She paid people to use their money. She paid them out of the profits she earned.

She made them richer and she became very rich herself.

It was as if she created gold…

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