I’m starting my series of interviews with Ms. Joany Titherington.  Even though she is not a  landlord, she definitely knows how to transform a neighborhood.  Joany was recently recognized by NeighborWorks®HomeOwnership Center Sacramento Region for her work:

  • Researching and establishing a neighborhood farmers market
  • Organizing Celebrate Oak Park, a neighborhood festival for four years straight
  • Serving and advocating for a neighborhood association – addressing drug activities, violent crime, and services for youth

That’s really a short list of her accomplishments.  She is the epitome of a neighborhood leader. 

Joany credits the following activities as being instrumental in transforming her block:

1. Hosting National Night Out – where neighbors ate together, problem solved, and created phone trees.

2. Street Sweeps – where neighbors picked up garbage and litter to spruce up the streets.
“As soon as we started giving a care about our block, people started noticing that we gave a care”

Joany’s advice to Innercity Landlords:

1. “You have to be there.”  Owners, or their reputable managers, need to oversee day-to-day activities occuring on their properties.

2. “Let your tenants know where the boundaries are.”  It’s up to owners to enforce standards and decent behavior.

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