May I introduce a word that will help you think without limitations?


The word is requiron. I learned about it from reading one of Edward DeBono’s thinking books.


DeBono defined the word to mean “something that is needed.”


For example, I don’t know how to build a device to convert my tenant’s garbage into electricity. Because I don’t, I can’t go on to think how I might monetize the electricity. Since I lack knowledge, I abandon the thinking process. That’s no good, right?


Now when I assume I’ll find a requiron to accomplish the task, I can confidently continue on with my creative thinking process. The word keeps my imagination going without my logic limiting its potential.


Give the word a try next time you get stuck in a brainstorm.


The purpose of the Leading Landlord blog is to find a requiron that generates enough axillary income to cover a rental’s mortgage and holding costs.  This is tenant-freedom and the ultimate protection against vacancies.


I’m going to use this word in an upcoming series of stories describing how landlords became tenant-free. The stories are fiction for now, but I want them to be inspirational fiction. Hope you stay tuned.


And, as always, I look forward to your feedback.