In a recent subscriber survey, you told me you wanted to know more about how to reduce monthly expenses. So, I’m starting a new challenge.

The goal is to come up with ways to reduce my monthly expenses by $100 per month without my tenants feeling it. Yep, this is the flip side of the $100 Income Challenge.

The pie chart shows my 8-plex’s monthly expenses that currently take up 80% of my $4,764 gross monthly rental income. My goal is to break down each group and find innovative ways to save.

With your input, I bet we can create a long list of ways landlords can reduce their monthly expenses by $100 each month.

Throughout 2013, I will apply the best tactics and technologies I can find to accomplish the mission. Yes, I’m going to spend real money – and hopefully not lose it.

I’m counting on the Leading Landlord community to pull me though. Will you help me?