These really are crazy times.

And that’s great for an entrepreneur!

It’s time to imagine new ways forward. Let your inventiveness run wild.

But how do you start? 

Here’re some prompts to help you blaze new opportunities in the middle of a global pandemic.

Thinking Prompts for a Crisis

1 – What Can I Negotiate?

  • People are struggling and looking for win-win solutions. Nearly everyone’s welcoming a Plan B
  • Ask for relief if you’re in a bind.
  • Make at least one proposal or write one offer each week. 
  • Brainstorm with others and help someone else negotiate a new path.

2 – How Can I Raise and Deploy Private Money?

  • Now is the time to start raising private money. You don’t lack money. You lack leadership. 
  • People are open to good ideas. They a dying to hear the good insights you have as it pertains to your Genesis Zone. Put your ideas out there.
  • If you know someone in a cash crunch, give them some cash in exchange for the right to buy or rent an asset at a favorable price. You have all the money you need if you work with private money. More details on private money to come.

3 – What Can I Dream Up?

  • Don’t forget about your imagination. It’s specifically for times like this!. If something isn’t working then imagine what it’s going to take to correct it.
  • Start the day by asking “What needs to happen to fix a situation” Then ask “How can I make this happen.
  • Do the exercise: a) imagine you got everything working in an ideal manner, b) make the vision crystal clear, then c) write a story about how you got there.

A Quarantine or Cocoon: Choose to Blaze

If you have more time on your hand than normal then I challenge you..

I dare you to craft a plan to emerge stronger from the COVID crisis. 

I dare you to write down answers to the following:

  • What kind of transformation will you work on? 
  • What would a larger vision of your business look like?
  • What are you going to change today to create a new path?

If you do, you’ll be well on your way to emerge from this “cocoon” in your full potential.

Jim Rohn said:

“The big challenge is to become all that you have the possibility of becoming”


Let’s get to it!

Now, I’ll have some private money training available for you later this month, but don’t wait to start thinking.

Let these prompts prime your pump. 

Leave a comment below. Tell me what prompts you use to jump start your thinking?