You can’t take a washer and dryer for granted – your tenants sure don’t!

If your rental doesn’t have its own washer and dryer, then your tenants must leave their home to do laundry and be subjected to other people’s schedules.

Let’s face it, people tend to veer toward the side of ease. So, if it comes down to it, they’ll pick a rental that has in-unit laundry over one that doesn’t. 

If you can, you want to give your tenant exclusive access to a washer and dryer. And now, regardless of your rentals’ limitations, you can find a portable washer dryer that fits your situation.

Affordable Portable Washer Dryers Exist

You no longer need special 240-volt outlets for dryers and custom plumbing for washing machines.

These new portable machines are small, quiet, and affordable. They get around the old limitations.

It’s a new day!

What Does This Mean?

1 – These portable machines are valuable add-ons to any rental that doesn’t have washer/dryer hook-ups.

2 – Your extended-stay, furnished rental clients will pay extra to have a washer/dryer in their unit.  And advertising that you have them will help you avoid vacancies.

This means that you should revisit your laundry room situation. Offering this can bring you an additional +$25 per month and, in some cases, these machines can pay for themselves within one year.

Two Types of Dryers: Spinners and Tumblers

I immersed myself in YouTube videos to learn more about these machines. My conclusion is that the washing machines are pretty much the same, although they do fall into automatic and semi-automatic categories. It’s the dryers that really define your set-up.

Dryers are either centrifugal spinners or tumble dryers.

Washer Spinner Combos

You can get by with a washer/spinner combo. It’s basically a mechanical “hand wash” cycle.

The spinner gets most of the moisture out, but reviewers report that they leave clothes about 90% dry – at best.

In nearly all reviews, people had to hang their clothes to finish the drying process.

But still, people loved having their own machines and were surprised by how well they worked.

Washer / Tumble Dryer Combos

Many reviewers were impressed with these little tumble dryers. They hold slightly smaller loads than full-size dryers, but people rave about them.

Some reviewers say the dryer doesn’t need to be vented outside, but I would advise otherwise. You want to direct moist dryer exhaust outside to reduce the chance of mold growth inside.

But, with that said, you might be able to get by if you turn your exhaust fan on.

Again, the dryer plugs into any normal 120-Volt electrical outlet. That’s flat-out amazing!

What’s important to note is that you do not need to have these two items in the same location. They also don’t need to be on a rack as shown above. The washer and dryer can sit side by side, or you could even put them in separate rooms.

Some videos showed people placing the dryer on the vanity and their washer in front of their bathroom sink. Others placed the machines in a tub and ran an extension cord to the nearest electrical outlet.

The dryer could even be mounted over your toilet while the washer is stored elsewhere, too.

I can even imagine a washer/dryer combo being mounted to a dolly, that way you can roll them out and store them easily.

How Much Do They Cost?

The portable washer/spinner dryer combo machines cost less than $200. That’s amazing! They are super affordable, but they aren’t fully automatic. You have to add water for initial cleaning and again for the rinse.

The typical portable tumble dryers cost less than $300. I think this is the way to go if you can set your dryer near an exhaust fan or a window that vents outside.

And although I haven’t tried any of these machines, when it comes to “portable” washing machines, I prefer the fully automatic washing machines that cost less than $300.

What do you think? For less than $600, you could add a laundry feature to your rental! 

Do you think this will make your rental more valuable.