[Podcast] Interviewed by Rod Khleif

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make money with rental property podcast

Rod Khleif gets me to share dozens of alternative strategies to make money with rental property.

In Episode 44, we discuss my book, 40 Ways to Increase the Net Income of Your Rental Property, and why most landlords are probably making only 50% of their potential revenue.

Here’s some of what you will learn:


  • Creative ways to increase the net income of your rental properties
  • The benefit to adding storage to your rental properties.
  • Using fees to customize your offering to your renters.
  • What is a PayDay Rent Plan?
  • 5 different ways to utilize your rental units.
  • The benefits of providing corporate housing.
  • Group housing.
  • Student housing.
  • Short-stay housing.





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  1. Milo

    What company sells the mini storage units for $4000. I have been looking online but they are too expensive. I was looking at putting a few on our business.

  2. Al Williamson

    Prices are relative to the going price of steel. But look for prefabricated, TUFF Shed-like units in your area. Look for used units as well as assemble on site kits.

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