It was a honor to chat with Bill Manassero about various opportunity Boomers have to invest in real estate.

Bill is a former missionary who turned into a rental owner upon his return to the states.

He differently has an great perspective on how creating beautiful and affordable housing can be a fulfilling way to build wealth.

Click HERE to hear our discussion on Bill’s website

What You Will Learn

  • House  Hacking can made economic sense but is not ideal for a new marriage
  • Creative ways to increase your rental income in tight markets
  • Niche positioning and marketing to maximize rents
  • How “rental arbitrage” can increase rents 5 to 10 times
  • How you can help provide great housing and community for fixed income seniors and be more profitable
  • How to implement an Inner-City Revitalization effort that helps communities and is profitable for landlords

Click HERE to listen from his website.

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