1849208478_bec808b1e7_nHopefully you’re following  my  hunt for source(s) of auxiliary income that will exceed gross scheduled rents. Meaning I’m looking for another way to pay my mortgage and expenses without relying on tenant rents. I want my rental apartment to be tenant-proof.


After spending 2013 finding ways to reduce expenses, I successful cut over $180 off my monthly bills. Now I’m pumped and ready to focus on auxiliary income.


First I’m going to do some warm up exercises; I’m going to write a series of fictional stories of landlords who’ve become tenant proof.


That should force some fresh ideas out of my head (and be a lot of fun to boot).


Please check out my first story published at BiggerPockets.


I would love it if you left a comment there. I need all the encouragement I can get!


Photo: Rufus Gefangenen