Quadruple Your Income: New Opportunities for Landlords

How to Quadruple Your Net Income

In the internet age, landlords have more opportunities than ever before!

You can follow this ascension path: traditional landlord => peer housing provider => Airbnb sublet host => niche housing => corporate housing.

All of these options bring in more than market rents and are much more profitable.

You have the power to transform your rental to provide flex-term housing and possibly quadruple your net income.

If you’re in a 1:1 rental situation, where your actual end-of-year expenses equal your rental income, then you have and easy path to profitability.

Check out this video for details:

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  1. Which market do you recommend this strategy?

  2. Al Williamson

    Hi Al. Thanks for commenting. I recommend this strategy for most locations that have an extended stay hotel in town.

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