National Night Out Sponsored by Landlords [SlideShare]

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Here’s a Slideshare compilation of photos from our 2012 – 2013 National Night Out Celebrations.
The pictures tell the story of diverse people coming together just to have fun.

Having Fun at National Night Out

Click the forward arrow at the bottom of the Slideshare to advance through the pictures.



I hope you’re inspired to do a little something to help your tenants connect with other residents.

 Building Meaningful Wealth

Building community has everything to do with increasing your tenant’s sense of safety. It makes their housing experience more enjoyable. It builds demand for your asset.

The landlord who creates SAFETY also creates EQUITY.

Start small. Celebrate National Night Out this year. It’s always held on the first Tuesday in August.
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  1. Hi Al,

    I’ve been enjoying your emails and now, after this one, I think I’ve found another mentor. What a beautiful way to do business. I’m currently trying to do something similar at a mobile home park that I manage. I’m hoping to connect the residents there with as many city services as possible, to help pay their utility bills, install more efficient windows, get them on ladder programs. Do you have any advice about things I should especially do or not do?

    Hope all is well. Thank you for the great work. Will.

  2. Hey William, I’m glad I’m pushing you forward. Please springboard off me and don’t start from scratch.

    Sounds like you’re doing great by connecting people to resources. That’s the way to go! Don’t do the things people can do for themselves – that’s not sustainable. But do help them find the very next step they need to improve their lives – then let them make that step themselves.

    Throw the ball to them – DO NOT run over and try to catch the ball for them.

    I’m trying to save you some tears here. Hope it helps.

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