Cash Flow Business IdeaI’ve shared details with subscribers about our implementation of the “Newsletter – WiFi” idea that came out of the $100 Idea Challenge. This idea involves selling a $15/month newsletter to the neighbors surrounding our 8-plex and providing complimentary Wi-Fi. We’ll email the newsletter of course.  Here’s a picture of the installed antenna. I picked this idea because it was:

  • Easily scalable. If I want more customers, I just need to buy more bandwidth.
  • Easily managed. I can manage the network on my iPhone or have a network manager handle things.
  • Easy to automate collections. It’s all managed online.

Anyway, last night I launched a website to introduce the service and woke up to find that 3 people had signed up for the free trial. Pretty encouraging! We call the venture OP Wi-Fi. Click HERE if you would like a look at the site. Interested in learning the details? All you need to do is use the form to the right to sign-up for this blog.