There are two grassroots programs that guarantee a Transformational Landlord’s success: Neighborhood Watch and National Night Out. When crime watch/prevention groups come together to celebrate National Night Out neighborhood rejuvenation is just around the corner. Most people are aware of the Neighborhood Watch program, which began in 1972. Their one-eyed street signs are well-known crime deterrents. According to the National Sheriff Association’s website the program is effective because it breaks the link between crime and social disorganization. You can bank on crime rates dropping when neighbors start talking… and that should excite any “buy low sell high” investor.  

The lesser known program, National Night Out, began in 1984 and is growing in popularity. This annual event, held on the first Tuesday in August, encourages people to meet their neighbors.  According to the National Town Watch website, in 2010 over 37 million people in 15,110 communities held ice cream socials, potlucks, and block parties on that day.  Naturally, this generates momentum for neighborhood watch programs, and that is why both programs work together, like bicycle pedals, to move neighborhoods forward.

I’ve attended the National Night Out block party near my apartment building for over three years, but last year I helped organizing it. We had over 75 neighbors attend along with several police officers, our city council representative, and city manager.

Neighborhood watch groups and National Night Out celebrations:

  • Weaken the “bystander effect” which sours conditions for crime to thrive
  • Create traditions that strengthens common norms and neighborhood pride
  • Create positive public relations opportunities that can help neighborhoods re-brand themselves
  • Increase a landlord’s clout and enables them to take on more difficult political challenges
  • Increase tenant satisfaction and lower vacancy rates

All of this benefits landlords– especially innercity landlords. We are the beneficiaries of successful National Night Out parties. So if you are a landlord, find your nearest NNO organizers and write them a check.

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