Know anyone switching jobs?

If they were contributing to a retirement plan then their former employer will likely sweep their money into an individual retirement account (IRA).

And as your friend rushes off to find new employment, they’ll likely forget about this account. The money will just sits there.

Find A Money Source

There’s another possibility as well.

You could save the day by helping your friend grow their IRA. As are reward, I can create cash flow for yourself.

Since so many people are out of work, the stage is set like never before. This could be your moment.

If you educate your friends and family about private lending they’ll see they have more opportunities than they thought.

But here’s the catch… you do need to know something about private lending yourself. And I’m going to help you with that. Keep reading.

See a Deal-of-a-Lifetime

Some say

Luck is what happens with when preparation meets opportunity.

When you have some private lenders lined up, you’ll be surprised by your “luck”.

I’m excited that the economy is heating back up. New opportunities will present themselves in ways that I can’t predict. But I do see a few “Bounce Back” opportunities.

For example:

1- Business travel is way down. It may not come back until early 2021. You have time to catch new trends as travel ramps back up.

2 – Landlords may find themselves with ongoing bills and non paying tenants. They may be willing to deal. Offer them 10 months rent now for 12 monthly rent payment. This is an easy 20% ROI; a great investment for a private lender.

3 – Discover a deals within your Genius Zone. You have a Genesis Zone, an area where you’re an undisputed expert. It might be crafting, photography or real estate. If you see an amazing opportunity within your Genius Zone, then you should exploit it. That’s a great use of a micro-loan from a private lender.

Put the Two Together

The one thing that might stop you from taking advantage of bounce back opportunities is that you run out of cash.

That’s why I’m trying to get your attention.

Consider the laws of abundance. You’ll never run out of cash if you help other people make money. 

Training So You Can Use Private Money with Confidence

A problem for me was that I understood the theory of private money but didn’t know the details. And because I wasn’t trained, I had a POOR (Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly) mindset.

I was too self-reliant, too confident in credit cards and bank loans. Talk about rude awakening!

I learned the hard way that it’s better to rely on your network. But how do you do that?

The Training You Need

We are having a training coming this Thursday, April 30th.

My special guest will be Alan Cowgill. He’s going to teach us the best, easiest, cheapest and safest way to fund real estate deals.

Learning how to work with private lenders is definitely a skill you want to pick up during the COVID-19 crisis.

Register for Thursday’s training by clicking on this link.

The world doesn’t respond to good intentions… only your actions.

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