I stayed at this little Airbnb 1-bedroom while I was in Tampa, FL.

It didn’t have a stove or an oven.

It didn’t have a fully stocked kitchen…

…but it was perfect for someone like me.

I was in Tampa for a conference. I was eating out with new friends…

All I wanted was a big Smart TV, a coffee machine, and a nice shower.

They checked all the boxes, so I was more than happy to pay them $70 per night plus Airbnb fees.

Do You Have a Garage?

Can you add a shower and toilet?

This conversion uses a pump system make to make the drain lines flow.

Can you add a kitchenette?

This garage conversion has a sink, microwave, frig and Keurig. Perfect!

Perfectly Sized for Two

I was impressed how the owner didn’t try to please everybody.

This unit was sized for two. There were just enough chairs and towels.

Just enough patio space.

It was just right.

Check out the video tour below.