The $100 Expense Reduction Challenge is underway!


Are you going to step up to cut down your expenses? Keep the money in your pocket!


Click HERE for a list of equity-boosting cost cutting ideas.


Here’s an Idea 
Install floating vinyl plank flooring instead of carpet or linoleum.


Floating Vinyl Plank cost nearly the same as rental-grade carpet or linoleum ($1.45 per SF) but comes with a 25-year warranty! Plus, it looks great AND you can easily install it yourself!


So think twice before replacing your existing flooring with the same old thing. There are real cost savings to be had in terms of installation, durability, cleaning, and repairs.


Check out this video and see what I mean: Floating Vinyl Plank Flooring – A Cost Saver


Tell us About It
Do you have any experience with floating vinyl to share?  Is it the way to go?