BYou need to spend a little money to save a lot of money.

That’s what it means to be a Preventative Maintenance Investor.

 Stopping water from getting into cracks can be frustrating. You have to use a trial and error approach sometimes.

But Flex Seal makes it easy to patch problem spots in awkward locations.

Check out the video below. I show you how I patched a leak in three-minutes.

I also sealed a leak in a gutter that allowed rainwater to pour inside my storage unit. It was nearly impossible to caulk a vertical side of the gutter, but it was easy to Flex Seal the entire area.

I was hesitant to try the product. It seemed too good to be true. But it make sense.

If you spray on a little a time and allow it to cure, you can perfectly fill in and patch over cracks… and do so faster than working with putty knives and caulk.

So don’t bother with Henry’s roofing sealers anymore, just spray on Flex Seal.