Reason 1: Reduce Eye Strain. It’s not good to look at a small bright light in a totally dark room. LED backlighting eleviate this strain of the screen going very dark to bright. It’s more comfortable so yo can watch longer

 Reason 2: Enhanced Contrast: It’s and optical illusion but a brighter background makes the colors of your screen leap. Best to tune the temperature of color to 6500K ti match your TV.

For example, look at the two figures below. Which one is more comfortable to look at?

If you picked the image on the right, with the softer edges, then you know why you need a backlight. 

Reason 3: .Gives your eyes a more neutral reference point for colors and contrast in a dark room.

 Reason 4: Enhances ambiance of your home entertainment (just looks cool). Side lighting has a way of making you feel like you’re in a movie theater. It just feels cinematic. Even if itWe’s an emotional trigger… I’m good with that.

Which One Should You Get

Well you definantly need an LED backlight that can trace the perimeter of the back of your tv.