I got a question about wi-fi at my 8-plex.

How do yo make the most of the most of your internet service.

Can eero Wi-Fi Extender Save You Money?

As the picture above shows, I only needed two eeros nodes to provide wi-fi to four residential and five commercial spaces.
I placed them up as high as I could because wi-fi signals are shaped like an umbrella; the signal goes out sideways and then falls downward.

The first node is attached to your modem and it communicates with the other nodes spaced throughout your coverage area. The eeros app will guide you on finding a location that has sufficient overlap.
Look how I place the node and modem in my open rafter.

If you wanted maximum coverage, you could mount yours node towards your ceiling of your highest floor.

What’s the Big Deal?

Do you like stretching dollars?  

Offering wi-fi is common these days.

The goal for us owners is to provide the fastest service at the lowest cost.

With just one internet access point, one bill, we’re able to keep nine tenants happy.

Can You Consolidate Internet Accounts?

The goal is to reduce your expenses to increase your net profit.

If you don’t offer wi-fi to your clients, you really should consider doing so for a modest rent increase.

It would be a saving to them, if they’re buying their own service, and a money maker for you.

That’s a win-win!