Dear Leading Landlords,

Please grant a quick side bar conversation…..

I’ve been writing articles for other websites in an attempt to gain exposure and grow my subscriber list. Since I don’t want to publish the information twice, please follow these links to see what’s up:

8 Habits of Highly Effective Inner City Landlords is published on an awesome real estate investment website called Bigger Pockets. BP, is the Facebook of Real Estate. It has an active community that will help solve your real estate problems, evaluate your potential deals, and motivate you to press ahead. There are a ton of super smart members that teacher me things everyday.

Next, check out How to Prevent the Landlord Lid from Stunting Growth. Our article was picked up by the American Apartment Owners Association. They run an ongoing email discussion forum that focuses on typical landlord issues like evictions, pets, and other management problems not discussed on my blog.

When you’re not reading Leading Landlord, you might want to check out these other websites. They will also help you increase your income, lower expenses, and build your equity.

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