Picture of Rubbermaid ShedI’m pleased to report I took massive action to prevent my tenants from taking their laundry business elsewhere.


As you may know, I’m in the mist of trying to find ways to increase my monthly income by $200 without raising rents or reducing expenses.


This challenge lead me to examine my mini laundromat and conclude it wasn’t living up to its potential.


Now I’m implementing a plan to correct my mistakes, remodel the room, and earn my tenant’s business.


In my situation, “Step 1” was to remove all of my junk stored in my wash room and make it tenant-centric (customer focused). So I hauled over an under utilized Rubbermaid shed from my home and placed it in an under utilized area behind my apartment building.

cluttered laundry room

Here are before and after photos. As you can see, decluttering the laundry room makes a cost effective impact.

decluttered laundry room


I sat the shed on nine concrete pavers, which cost less than $2 each. Although I didn’t want to, I’m glad I bought the pavers. The ground is sloped in the spot I wanted the shed to go. I had to double up some pavers to create a level area. Never go cheap when it comes to foundations.


After snapping the shed together (which was pretty fun) I now have a place for my paints, tools, and supplies.


My laundry room feels better now. Everything in its place…. The room is now dedicated to making money; it’s a place of business. The schizophrenia is over.